Silvano Biagini

Silvano Biagini

During the 1960’s, a historical period for our nation that was known as the “ Economic Miracle,” a small shop in Bologna opened with a brand of accessories bearing the name of its founder, Silvano Biagini.

This exclusive designer uses high quality crocodile and snakeskin combined with fine fabrics that give life to one of a kind purses, and fashionable original collections of superior design.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s the brand claimed its identity by becoming the precise point of reference in handmade leather good sales.

After 20 years, the Antony Group Co. Ltd was formed in Modena, as a new artisan endeavor under the guidance of its designer Alberto Amidei.

Thanks to the teamwork and alliance between these two innovative designers combined with their passion for artisan workmanship and the highest superior materials available, form a winning joint effort that at the beginning of the third millennium has been called the Silvano Biagini brand which is part of the Antony Group.

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